World Youth International MUN 2020

World youth international

World Youth International MUN 2020

Location: London, United Kingdom

Date: July 30- August 2, 2020

Details: World Youth International MUN – London 2020 is a global event to be held in the stunning city of London, the United Kingdom. The aim is to assemble a nexus of bright young minds who want to lead the future, and this event will be a gateway to unlock the leadership potential within you. From meeting renowned diplomats to connecting with curious young people and improving your debating skills, we offer the opportunity to hone skills and develop the personality required for diplomacy and statesmanship.

This special program is for students/youth from ages 15-35 and is an opportunity to experience the environment and workings of the UN councils. There are various social events along with committee sessions that will enable a broad learning affair. We aim to equip young minds with the proper tools needed to become a changemaker.


  • World Youth International Model United Nations (WYIMUN) invites young people aged 15 to 35 from across the globe who want to learn about diplomacy, and global issues and improve their personality skills in a UN stimulatory environment.
  • Participants must be enrolled in High School/University or be a graduate of these institutions working in International Organizations or Companies.


  1. Networking; Do you feel that your circle is limited, and you could use a little help to expand it? Then WYIMUN is exactly what you are looking for. Use this to your benefit and connect with a global community for young leaders who are as motivated and passionate as you are!
  2. Critical thinking; This skill is most valuable in this modern era. WYIMUN acknowledges that this is a time when there is a need for making hastily decisions, and one should learn to perform effective and meaningful communication and look for a solution in the midst of crisis and problems.
  3. Experience the UN; At WYIMUN 2020, we will create a perfect simulation of what’s it like to be in the United Nations. You will get to roleplay as the delegates of your assigned country and work in a diplomatic manner!
  4. Lead diplomacy; It is a very useful skill to possess when a purposeful conversation in going between two groups. By participating in WYIMUN, you will get to learn how can you negotiate between two groups in a tactful manner.
  5. Build confidence; WYIMUN will be the hub to learn how to interact with people of different countries and your ideas and opinions in front of those new faces to develop resolutions to the assigned tasks. This experience will help in boosting your confidence level in front of strangers.
  6. Ace public speaking; WYIMUN will help you improve your public speaking skills. It is significant because it’s where you put forth your research and debate in front of all the audience. You convey your points and thoughts to get your message across to them.

To apply 

Scholarship link (deadline: March 25, 2020)

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