WeThinkCode_ Tuition-Free Two years Software Development Programme 2021 for young Africans


WeThinkCode_ Tuition-Free Two years Software Development Programme 2021 for young Africans

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WeThinkCode_ is a revolutionary coding academy in Johannesburg. It is a tuition-free course that is 100% sponsored by companies looking for world-class computer programming skills. It is open to all. To apply, you don’t need any diploma, you only need the problem solving mind of a computer.


With access to cutting-edge technologies, you’ll be coding with world-class students who share the same passion as you. Students learn to access, filter, compare and use relevant data in order to solve problems and have access to campus 7 days a week. In a peer-oriented environment, students also evaluate each other’s work and complete the feedback loop.

International students may apply to join WeThinkCode_ provided that they have a South African ID or asylum seeker status. WeThinkCode_ students have the opportunity to be placed in internships and work placements in South African companies, based on their performance in the programme and upon meeting the South African immigration requirements

Eligibility requirement:

  • Anyone between the ages of 17 and 35, who are able to study full-time for two years at one of our campuses in South Africa.
  • No prior education or coding experience is required. If you are not South African, you are responsible for obtaining a valid work visa / permit valid until 2022.
  • There are only two requirements: that applicants are between the ages of 17 and 35 and that applicants complete and pass our online application. Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a Selection Boot camp and ultimately participate in the full-time course.


The Selection Boot camp is the final stage in the WeThinkCode_ application process that we use to evaluate candidates. We only select the top performers. Think of it as a month long job interview. It is important to note that the candidates are not only being evaluated on their programming ability, but on a range of criteria, and even those who aren’t successful have gone on to secure learner-ships and jobs after completing the Boot camp. It is an incredibly challenging but rewarding experience.

STEP 1 Apply online

Attempt two online puzzles designed to test you logic and problem solving abilities

STEP 2 Open day

Attend an open day at our campus. Get to mingle with our students, learn more about our programme and complete a critical thinking test

STEP 3 Selection bootcamp

This is an intense, immersive experience designed to assess your ability to grasp coding concepts in a peer-to-peer learning environment. You will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned by solving various problems.

STEP 4 Student Journey

Successful applicants are enrolled into our two year programme. They will be trained to become Africa’s top tech talent through a combination of on campus learning and internships. At the end of the two years, graduates will be employed as software developers by one of our corporate partners.


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