Volunteering Solutions: ChildCare and Orphanage Programs in Cape Town

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Volunteering Solutions: ChildCare and Orphanage Programs in Cape Town

Location: Cape town, South Africa

Details: Volunteers working in the child care programs work with well established centers and orphanages in suburban regions of Cape Town.The children’s ages range from 18 months to six years old. The children, who come to these programs, have very little in their lives. We as a program, offer them basic educational skills, as well as life and social skills. The children receive meals, and snacks during the day. The meal they eat here might be the only meal they eat all day.

The volunteer’s aim is to help the poverty stricken families by giving them hope and opportunity. They will make this happen by providing the families with the skills and knowledge they bring from their own culture. In turn, as a program we will aim to create jobs, job opportunities, and assist in certain financial needs.

The childcare program will consist of caring for the children, providing education and knowledge, designing different activities, and helping with general duties, such as, teaching, feeding, cooking, and caring for the children and babies.

Volunteers work for 5-6 hrs in a day for 5 days in a week.

Program Highlight:

1. Both Short Term & Long Term Project.

2. Volunteers actively works on generation ideas to unburden the overburdened staff.

3. Volunteers either work alongside the local staff or acts as supervisor at project.

4. Great places to explore during weekend trips.

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