The Girls in Tech Virtual Conference 2020

the girls in tech

The Girls in Tech Virtual Conference 2020

Deadline: August 28, 2020

Summary: The Girls in Tech Conference is back! This time it’s virtual, allowing participants from all over the world to gather, find community, sharpen their skills and learn how to thrive in tech.

Our signature annual event is so much more than a conference. It is an intentional and inclusive space, a space of community. And we invite everyone to have a seat at the table. Every voice counts. Every perspective matters. Every person is needed.

The Girls in Tech Conference is your chance to have a real conversation about all the things that matter —- life experiences, triumphs, setbacks, tricks of the trade and industry trends. It will feature motivational presentations from some of the most extraordinary minds in tech, science, space and business, meaningful networking opportunities, breakout sessions, meditation, music, and more. This highly interactive virtual event is here to help you become your best self and thrive in work and life.

These are just some of the reasons to join us on September 9, 2020.

  • You will walk away with the knowledge and skills to advance your career and seek exciting job opportunities.
  • You also will expand your community of colleagues, mentors and role models who can nurture your growth and development.
  • You will learn about companies that are leveraging technology to drive change and growth within their industries — and how you can best be poised to impact that change.


We believe in community, and we believe in you. Grab your seat at the table! Register now!

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