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Mosaic Scholarship 2022  Deadline: 28th February, 2022 Eligible country: United states & Canada Summary: Applications for the Mosaic Scholarship 
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CodeHouse Scholars Initiative (CHSI) 2021 Deadline: 9th April, 2021 Summary: Apply now for the CodeHouse Scholars Initiative (CHSI) 2021. 
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Mopportunities is wishing Nigeria success in the ongoing Afcon competition.

Kanu won a UEFA Champions League medal, a UEFA Cup medal, three FA Cup medals and two African Player of the Year awards amongst others.

Bridging the opportunity gap!

Which of these scholarship myths can you relate with?

♦️  You need good grades to get a scholarship
♦️Once you get a scholarship you are set
♦️  Scholarship Application takes too long.

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Up to 21% of people that live in Canada speak a foreign language as their mother tongue. 40% of this group speaks European languages as their mother tongue, and 56% speak Asian languages.

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