Organizational and Community Development Facilitator

Organizational and Community Development Facilitator

Deadline: 1st October, 2021

Location: Georgia

Summary: Georgia has been in transition politically, socially, and economically since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Country’s community and economic development priorities continue to be building a democratically and economically stable state through the development and strengthening of civil society institutions; having educated, motivated, and confident youth; and offering development opportunities for entrepreneurship, business, and other essential skills needed in 21st century. Despite laudable aspirations in the areas of civil society, youth and economic development, gaps exist in achieving all of these ambitious goals.

Details: Organizational and Community Development Facilitators work under Peace Corps Georgia’s Individual and Organizational Development (IOD) Project to contribute to Georgia’s efforts to build a strong, democratic and economically-sound society. Through this project, Volunteers, with the support of regional and local organizations, will help citizens of Georgia—especially youth, women and vulnerable populations—to be civically engaged and to attain economic well-being.

Volunteers are placed in small cities, towns, and villages to work with local non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, regional youth departments, non-formal educational centers, libraries, departments of local municipalities, or other not-for-profit or governmental organizations/entities. The capacity level of these organizations varies, ranging from well- established and high-functioning to newly-established with limited organizational capacity. You will serve as a facilitator, co-planner, adviser, mentor, and trainer in your organization and community. You will work closely with local counterparts and community members to design and implement projects and activities to build individual and organizational capacity in project design and management, grant writing, fundraising, information technology, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, networking, and English for work purposes. In collaboration with your counterparts, you will design and deliver professional development trainings or mentorships in the areas of employability skills, entrepreneurship skills, digital literacy, project design and management, organizational management, leadership, youth empowerment, and other civic engagement topics that will support youth and other individuals to become more skilled and civically-engaged members of the society.

Peace Corps Georgia offers high quality technical training and support in the areas of assignment for all Trainees and Volunteers, earning a strong reputation for excellence. Peace Corps Georgia is committed to providing all Volunteers with relevant professional and cultural training for effective service in their communities.


  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in any discipline and 2 years’ management, or organizational development experience with non-profit or community based organizations; OR
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in any discipline; OR
  • Master of Arts/Master of Science degree with an emphasis in non-profit management, public administration, or organizational development; OR
  • 5 years’ professional work experience with nonprofit organizations in a management or organizational development capacity

Desired skills:

  • Competitive candidates will also meet or exceed the following criteria:
  • Strong commitment to organizational capacity building and working closely with fledgling organizations;
  • Creativity and experience consulting, mentoring, or coaching organizational leaders or workers;
  • Experience with youth in the areas of informal education, employability skills development, summer camps, mentoring, teaching conversational English, or volunteerism/community service;
  • Experience with one or more of the following: non-profit development, training, human resource development, strategic planning, project development, grant writing, fundraising, event management, marketing, public relations, volunteerism, or public administration;
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and networking skills;
  • Ability to establish strong working relationships with organizational leaders, employees, youth, and community members


Before you apply, please review Medical Information for Applicants to learn about the medical clearance process.

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