Lagos Business School Online Executive Education 2020

Lagos Business School Online Executive Education

Lagos Business School Online Executive Education 2020

Institution: Lagos Business School

Course duration: 5 weeks

Date: June 18- July 24, 2020

Subject: Non Profit Management for senior Executives

Deadline: Ongoing

Summary: The Lagos Business School with the support of Ford Foundation is offering executive online education for senior executives between the age of 18-35 who work in the non-profit sector or run an NGO a certificate in Non Profit Management. Scholarships are made available for early applicants.

Details: The Certificate in Nonprofit Management for Senior Executives (aged 18 -35) is designed to strengthen the leadership, governance, and management capacity of experienced young executives working in or with nonprofit organizations. The program equips participants to deal with strategic and high-level challenges and opportunities in their organisations and community.

It is designed as a highly practical and experiential executive leadership course to refine the skillsets of nonprofit leaders. The certificate program also gives participants the opportunity to create a network of local, national, and international nonprofit executives committed to working across organisations, communities, and sectors to address public needs.

This programme is supported by the Ford Foundation

Programme Modules will include:

  • Corporate governance and board effectiveness
  • Strategic fundraising and grant management
  • Human capital and performance management
  • Responsible leadership and ethics
  • Succession planning
  • Partnerships, Collaboration, and Stakeholder Engagement


  • Participants must have at least 5 years of working experience
  • Must be between 18 – 35 years old
  • The programme is open to young experienced executives who work in the Nonprofit Sector and/or run a Non-Governmental Organization(NGOs).

Lesson outcome:

Through the Certificate in Nonprofit Management for Senior Executive  participants will

  • Develop effective 21st Century Nonprofit Leadership skills and craft strategic goals to improve leadership practices.
  • Refine their board governance, strategy and talent management capacity
  • Learn strategic practices for leading and managing change in their organisations and society
  • Develop leadership tools necessary to influence policy decisions, encourage collaboration, and build coalitions
  • Leverage techniques for fundraising, grant management, and stakeholder engagement
  • Explore strategies for building and sustaining partnerships

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