KINO DER KUNST International Art Competition 2020

Kino der Kunst International art competition

KINO DER KUNST International Art Competition 2020

Location: Germany

Date: April 22-26, 2020

Deadline: December 15, 2019

Details: KINO DER KUNST, a unique worldwide combination of film festival and art exhibition, will hold its fourth edition from April 22 to April 26, 2020. Movie theatres and museums all over Munich present the International Competition as well as supporting programmes, artists’ talks, symposia and multi-channel installations. KINO DER KUNST investigates the connection between visual art and cinema; this year’s programmatic focus is „Forbidden Beauty“ and shows how the art of the moving image can take up the urgent themes of our time in a highly aesthetic visual language.

We invite visual artists from all over the world to submit their recent works to the International Competition. All entries must reveal an innovative approach to the various forms of cinematographic narration and demonstrate a high technical level. The films must have been produced after January 1, 2017.


Why is the concept of beauty so frowned upon in contemporary art? Is it afraid of that beautiful appearance that conceals problems but cannot seriously address them? The catchword of the moment is an allegedly necessary “aesthetic correctness” of well-meant political concerns. However, the political can also be negotiated aesthetically, without uncritically falling for the alleged power of the images of film and cinema or replacing content with superficial retinal stimuli. Political art does not have to be formally mediocre or old-fashioned, critical things can also be packaged in aggressive beauty.

KINO DER KUNST 20 wants to show how the art of the moving image can take up the urgent themes of our time in a highly aesthetic visual language.


Open to all


An international jury of artists and curators will award two main prizes totalling € 20,000. An audience award of € 5,000 will also be awarded. Only single-channel narrative works by visual artists are accepted, they can be of any length. There is no admission fee. Films may only be submitted online via a special link on After entering your data (address, film title, credits, director’s biography, synopsis, photo materials, technical details) you will receive a confirmation

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