KAMUN 2022


KAMUN 2022

Deadline: 1st November, 2022

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Summary: KAMUN 2022 – The Black Forest Summit will not only be an academic challenge but also an intercultural experience. Come and join delegates from all over the world in fruitful debates – this year’s KAMUN will be all about past, present, and future controversies. Ranging from a beginner-friendly, over an intermediate, up to an advanced committee, we offer opportunities for every MUN enthusiast to debate. Highlight this year will surely be the historic Security Council.

Details: Beyond debate, we warmly invite you to live the MUN culture with us – be excited for some extraordinary, cultural, and astonishing events including live music and a ball in the 16th century castle of Karlsruhe.

The Team of the KAMUN 2022 is looking forward to welcoming you in Karlsruhe this autumn! We assure you that you will not forget this conference!


Please note that only university students (and similar further education institutions) will be accepted for this conference.

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