KAMUN 2021


KAMUN 2021

Deadline: 30th October, 2021

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Duration: 12th – 14th November, 2021

Summary: This year’s KAMUN X – The Black Forest Summit is a special one for all of us. After last years conference was cancelled, it’s finally the opportunity to get back in the game.

Details: Yet, this is neither just another conference, nor just another KAMUN. It’s the 10th year KAMUN is taking place so we’ve prepared an experience for you that will allow you to forever look back at 2021 as an absolute highlight. To that end we made sure that each committee will take you on a unique offering of debates that engage and challenge you. A highlight for the more experienced among you is for sure the open-agenda Security Council. But be sure to also check out our other committees – from economics to societal issues, you will find the perfect place to apply your skills for sure.

Beyond debate, the conference will offer countless amazing opportunities for you to build new friendships and live intense and exciting experiences here in Karlsruhe. We cannot wait to welcome you here in November so go ahead and register now to get your preferred committee and country before they are booked up.

Delegate and chair applications are open!

While we highly wish so, we can not guarantee your participation in the conference if you are from a country outside of Germany, especially outside of the EU. Please note that visa issues are within your personal responsibility and therefore not covered by our refund policy.


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