John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships 2024/2025

John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships 2024/2025 

Deadline: 6th December, 2023

 Details: John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships is seeking journalists who are eager to explore, identify and test ideas for improving access to news and information people need to create and sustain robust democratic communities. Applicants should be prepared to step back from professional obligations to devote themselves to this work and to fellowship programming we’ve designed to help them develop the leadership resilience needed for these times of uncertainty.

You should apply if you:

  • Want to grow as a journalist and leader and believe that your best work is ahead of you
  • Are excited about the opportunity to be coached through a deep examination of your mindset, your perception of yourself and your place in journalism
  • Yearn to be “in fellowship” with a group of other journalists from varied professional and personal backgrounds
  • Seek, embrace and prioritize diversity
  • Are ready to set aside current work responsibilities and dig into a 10-month journey of professional and personal exploration
  • Are committed to being in journalism.


  • U.S. and international journalists with digital-native and legacy news organizations, independent journalists, journalism entrepreneurs and journalism innovators.
  • Applicants need to have at least five years of full-time professional journalism experience. We do not require applicants to have a college degree, or experience in traditional newsrooms. (Work as a student journalist or summer intern is great experience, but is not considered part of the five-year threshold.)
  • The program is not open to people working in public information or public relations jobs, for trade and house newsletters or magazines, for government agencies, or in academic positions.


  • Individual coaching and tailored workshops to help develop the leadership resilience and mindsets needed to navigate and lead change.
  • A intentionally designed cohort experience that fosters opportunities to form meaningful and lasting personal and professional relationships.
  • Time and freedom to explore the intellectual resources of a world-class university
  • Membership in a global JSK alumni community.
  • A stipend of $95,000, plus a housing supplement to help with rent.
  • Stanford tuition for fellows and Stanford health insurance for fellows, spouses and children. We also give fellows tips and advice about finding rental housing.


Being a JSK Fellow is a full-time commitment. You will receive a monthly check, health insurance for you and your dependents, and be asked to forgo other professional work to focus on the fellowship experience.

You will be expected to:

  • Be in residence at Stanford during the academic year, from September to June
  • Dedicate yourself full-time to the fellowship
  • Attend weekly meetings with your cohort and biweekly meetings with your adviser as well as other occasional JSK events
  • Publicly share your work and insights throughout the year
  • Work collaboratively with people who offer a range of ideas, experiences and perspectives.


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