IVolunteer International Journalist/Reporter Volunteer’s Program

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IVolunteer International Journalist/Reporter Volunteer’s Program

Location: Online

Date: Starts December 5, 2019

Deadline: November 25, 2019

Details: Volunteer Journalist/Reporter is a position that will hold membership in IVolunteer International’s Writer’s Council. The “Writer’s Council” consists of volunteer writers who will keep the organization’s official blog energized by sharing stories that are mainly relating to capacity development, human rights & security, sustainable development goals, research & opinion, women & youth, and volunteer stories. However, we also welcome stories inspired by current events happening in the world or in the writer’s own communities. We welcome all creative topics suggested by our Writers and we are very flexible in approving them.

The position is a flexible position, which means that the tasks allocated to you must be completed on your own time on or before the deadline and you can work from anywhere, virtually. This is an unpaid, volunteer position without any financial compensation. The position is open to citizens of any country. We always work with your schedule.

Objectives of the blog

  • Establishing an online platform for youth leaders and writers to share their stories and the stories of others.
  • Being a platform for change-making, and a source for inspiration to our readers.

Job responsibilities:

  • Work under the leadership of the Editor-in-Chief to achieve the objectives of the Writers’ Council and the blog.
  • Be able to cover events in the local community and interview important figureheads as requested.
  • Produce a minimum of four articles per month.
  • Attend bi-weekly and/or monthly virtual meetings (for the team).


  • Understand the vision and mission of IVolunteer International and the Writer’s Council.
  • Have strong communication skills (reliability, response time) and have access to communication software such as Skype, Whatsapp, and reliable access to the internet to use other software such as email, Google Drive, etc.
  • Have intermediary experience and knowledge of Google Drive, Google Documents, WordPress and Microsoft Office.
  • Be able to author and publish articles on WordPress.
  • Have an excellent command of the English language in writing and speaking.
  • A proven willingness and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Have basic soft skills and leadership qualities to work together in a team.


  • Training on WordPress utilization and feedback on each article for improvement.
  • A letter of recommendation at the end of the volunteer period.
  • A personal portfolio of your published articles maintained under a custom web address.
  • The opportunity to network with high-level representatives from organizations worldwide.
  • Experience in operating a start-up nonprofit organization and public service.
  • An opportunity to practice your journalism and writing/reporting skills.

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