International News Media Association/Google News Initiative Elevate Scholarship Programme 2023

International News Media Association/Google News Initiative Elevate Scholarship Programme 2023

Deadline: 6th October, 2023

Summary: The International News Media Association (INMA) is proud to present the Elevate Scholarship, designed to accelerate learnings from professionals from under-represented groups who are committed to growing the news business and aspire to global best practices.

Details: The Elevate Scholarship programme, supported by the Google News Initiative, is designed to strengthen the future of the news business by embracing and elevating historically under-represented and disadvantaged groups in early- to mid-level positions at news media companies in all regions of the world.

Through Elevate Scholarships, the International News Media Association (INMA) wants to equip new faces and voices with strong news industry business fundamentals that will propel their individual careers, and big picture, will infuse the industry with the talent it needs to face today’s challenging business landscape.

Removing obstacles for equitable inclusion in news industry training and development can shatter the glass ceiling for professionals from under-represented groups, which hampers innovation and the future of news media.


To be considered for the Elevate Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a part of an under-represented and disadvantaged group within your country
  • Be actively involved in, or aspire to be an integral part of, the business side of news media– subscriptions, data, product, advertising, the business of newsrooms (this is the focus of INMA training)
  • Be employed by a news media company
  • Hold a position below senior management at your organisation
  • Be in the business of news media for less than 15 years
  • Be under age 45
  • Aspire to become a top manager at a news media company


  • INMA will award up to 50 Elevate Scholarships based on the applicant’s needs, aspirations, barriers, and the stories they tell in the application process.


  • Be recognised via public announcements by INMA
  • Receive a scholarship certification
  • Gain free access to 3 INMA Master Classes
  • Receive a free membership in INMA for one year — with full and unfettered access to the association’s global community


The Elevate Scholarship is for early- to mid-level career professionals at a news media company who have a passion for the business of news media. Individuals who apply will be looking to grow their career and gather fundamental skills needed to create a sustainable business model for the future of journalism and news media. Applicants must demonstrate how they’re currently involved in the business of news media and articulate what business skills they would like to obtain in the areas of subscriptions, product, data, advertising, and the business of newsrooms.

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