Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2024

Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2024

Deadline: 24th February, 2024

Details: With support from its “Special Research Fund” (BOF) Ghent University grants PhD “sandwich” scholarships to promising PhD students from developing countries who wish to carry out half of their PhD research at Ghent University (‘North’) and half at a university in a developing country (‘South’). Ghent University only finances the part of the research that will be carried out in Ghent (24 months). The candidate must have full-time funding for the other 24 months of research to be carried out in the South.


  • Candidates need to come from – and have the nationality of – one of the selected developing countries (see country list);
  • The proposals must be jointly submitted by a candidate, a supervisor (promoter) at Ghent University and a supervisor at the partner university (South);
  • No restrictions are imposed on the field of research, nevertheless  preference will be given to topics that are relevant for development;
  • Only degree students (students who intend to obtain a (joint ) PhD degree at Ghent University) can apply. Exchange students cannot apply for this scholarship;
  • This program is meant for students at the beginning of their PhD. To a limited extent, PhD students are allowed to have already completed preliminary research. At the time the fellowship starts (1/10/2024), a minimum of 36 months of doctoral research must still be required to complete the PhD;
  • Ghent university wants to encourage more female researchers to apply for this scholarship. That is why a Ghent University supervisor can support maximum 2 candidates per call on condition they are both of a different gender.


  • PhD scholarship at Ghent University  (in total 24 months).
  • The Ghent University promoter receives a bench fee of € 310/per month of research in Ghent + € 8.000 travel budget to cover (part of) the operational costs, as well as part of the travelling costs of the student and both the Ghent University and the local promoter.


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