European Climate Pact Ambassadors Program 2023

European Climate Pact Ambassadors Program 2023

Deadline: 15th October, 2023

Summary: Applications are invited for the European Climate Pact Ambassadors Program 2023. European Climate Pact Ambassadors inform, inspire and support climate policy and action in their communities and networks.

Details: Pact Ambassador appointments are for an initial one-year period, with the opportunity to apply for renewal each subsequent year. Pact Ambassadors:

  • Lead by example: showcase your dedication to the fight against climate change by taking climate and environmental action.
  • Inspire others: encourage citizens, organisations, and regional and national governments to get involved in climate action. Urge relevant stakeholders and policymakers to deploy ambitious measures and mechanisms to accelerate systemic changes.
  • Connect with others: team up with like-minded individuals, collaborate with stakeholders from across Europe and share information on EU climate policy and action.


  • Official recognition from the European Commission and publication of a public profile on the Pact website.
  • Access to the pan-European network of more than 500 Pact Ambassadors.
  • Access to resources and toolkits on climate change and climate action, Climate Pact, and ways to engage and communicate with others on climate-related topics.
  • Access to Pact-branded material for online use (websites and social media).
  • Opportunities to gain visibility for your climate action and advocacy on the Pact website and the Pact’s social media channels.
  • Opportunities to participate in Pact events across Europe.
  • Access to online and in-person workshops with policy experts on climate action-related topics.
  • Ad-hoc capacity building support.


  • Be a resident of an EU Member State.
  • Make a climate action commitment as a Pact Ambassador, indicating at least three concrete actions you will undertake throughout the year:
    • It could involve interaction with a community-level group (e.g. school, community association, youth association, business network, peer network) or consist of a communication activity on a local, national, or international communication channel.
    • Examples of actions include giving a talk or a presentation; organising, hosting, or facilitating an event, a workshop or a focus group; writing an article, a blog post or a communication piece on a topic related to climate change/green transition/sustainability awareness, advocacy, education or behaviour change; coordinating a climate action project/campaign/initiative.
    • They particularly encourage commitments and actions that reach individuals or groups with lower levels of climate awareness and/or people who are currently less engaged in climate action.
  • Complete the e-learning onboarding course within three weeks.
  • Participate in at least two Pact Secretariat and two Country Coordinator-led Pact Community events during the mandate.
  • Be in regular contact and respond to requests from the Country Coordinators and the Secretariat.
  • Meet annual reporting requirements as part of the Ambassadorship renewal process.
  • Respect the Climate Pact’s values and follow the Secretariat’s guidelines when carrying out your activities (such as guidelines on using the Pact’s visual identity).

Additionally, they expect you to:

  • Engage with the Pact Community online groups at least every quarter.
  • Share Pact messages and campaigns via your networks and communication channels, including promoting opportunities to become a Pact Ambassador or part of the broader Pact Community.
  • Share your Pact achievements via social media, the Pact Secretariat’s communication channels (where available), and/or via Pact Ambassadors’ visibility campaigns.
  • Take part in local, national, regional, or European events, with the support of your Country Coordinator or the Pact Secretariat.


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