Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference 2020

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Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference 2020

Location: Malaysia

Date: March 13- 15, 2020

Deadline: March 5, 2020

Details: The DIYC Conference 2020 is a three-day youth conference inspired by the Model United Nations proceedings (MUN procedure) which form a key milestone and a biennial event of the movement.

Covering issues such as world politics, international relations, and justice, participants will be given the opportunity to test their leadership skills, debate current issues, deliver speeches, draft resolutions, make executive decisions, and realize through experience the complexities of managing diversity in an international relations setting.

The goal of the conference is to nurture young leaders to become global citizens at work and in their communities by:

  • Enhancing their awareness of the issues relating to diversity and inclusion among themselves locally, regionally and globally, using lessons learned in Malaysia and across the member-states of the ASEAN.
  • Imparting skills to them and providing them with the tools and frameworks to harness the potential of diversity, and to practice inclusion at work and in their community, by using the United Nations model with active deliberation and consensus-building.
  • Providing them with a supportive environment to personally experience the power and beauty of diversity and inclusion, with the intent of creating a movement for young moderates for global peaceful co-existence.
  • The outcome of the deliberations from the conference can also be shared and disseminated to various regional and international agencies, especially if the discourse is rendered into a form of a memorandum.

Since its inception in 2012, the Diversity & Inclusion Youth Camp (DIY Camp), inaugurated by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja Zarith Sofiah, Permaisuri Johor, has been organizing annual events and serving as a platform to educate and nurture future global citizens whose view about the world will be guided by the Concept of Moderation in thought and leadership, peaceful co-existence, democracy and rule of law within civil societies, and whose daily action will be demonstrated by how they appreciate, embrace and celebrate the Concept of Diversity and Inclusion.


The applicant must be a registered and current student or a youth member of an organization at the time of application. This award is for bona fide lodging, food, and conference registration requirements.


  • Eligible students and young adults are invited to apply for conference grant awards to attend the Diversity and Youth Conference (DIYC) 2020. The winners will receive worth up to  MYR 3,000 to be used to cover conference-related expenses which include lodging, food, and conference registration.
  • The DIYC Committee will also host a reception for the award recipients during the Conference (time and location to be announced). Award winners are required to attend this reception, where they will have the opportunity to meet with leading diversity and inclusion ambassadors for an in-depth discussion.

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