Charles Koch Institute – Koch Internship Program (Spring 2022)

Charles Koch Institute – Koch Internship Program (Spring 2022)

Deadline: 10th December, 2021

Location: Unites states

Duration: 9th February – 13th April, 2022

Summary: Interested in making a difference in the world, but not quite sure how? The Koch Internship Program combines individualized education with hands-on work experience to empower social entrepreneurs to drive their own careers and make a positive contribution right away.

Details: While in the program, interns work at one of our many participating organizations, earning a stipend of $450 a week. The training provided by Charles Koch Institute focuses on three pillars:

  • Learning CKI’s vision for social change and connecting with our network of collaborators
  • Discovering and developing your unique aptitudes and strengths
  • Learning the guiding principles of Market-Based Management™

Each intern is mentored by a seasoned professional and works on a capstone project on what matters most to them.

Curriculum snapshot

  • OPENING SUMMIT Welcome to the community!
  • WEEK 2 Why principles matter
  • WEEK 3 How am I unique?
  • WEEK 4 Help, I need a job!
  • WEEK 5 Self-drive day
  • WEEK 6 Succeeding in your early career
  • WEEK 7 Self-driven day
  • WEEK 8 Beyond KIP: Taking the reins in your development
  • WEEK 9 Final self-driven day
  • WEEK 10 Graduation day


  • Koch Internship Program participants who secure a full-time internship with a participating organization will receive a stipend of up to $4,500 for the 10-week program.


What if I already work for a participating organization?

  • If you currently work for an organization participating in the Koch Internship Program, you still must apply. If accepted into a program, we will work with your employer to determine if your role is eligible.

Can I apply for the Koch Internship Program if I do not have placement at a participating organization?

  • Absolutely! Many of our applicants do not enter the selection process with placement. We welcome and encourage all those interested in our educational programs to apply. You will have an opportunity to explore the open roles on our job portal and secure placement if moved to the finalist stage.


The typical selection process for educational programs consists of two parts: interviews with the Charles Koch Institute and interviews with participating organizations.

  • Interviews with the Charles Koch Institute: The selection process begins with a review of an online application. Successful candidates will be invited to participate in one or two video interviews.
  • Interviews with Participating Organizations: After successfully completing the Institute’s screening process, candidates will receive access to an online jobs portal, where they can apply to participating organizations’ open roles. It is only upon accepting a job offer with a participating organization that a candidate is officially admitted into an educational program.

Keep in mind there are multiple ways to be a part of the programs. If you’re already in an internship or full-time role at an approved participating organization you’re still eligible to apply but would be able to bypass the second step of the typical interview process.

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