Africa Blockchain Incubation Program 2022 Deadline: 31st January, 2022 Eligible countries: Egypt & Zimbabwe Summary: Applications are open for 
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McCain Institute Next Generation Leaders Program 2022 Summary: 31st December, 2021 Duration: 10 months Summary: Applications for the McCain Institute 
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African-German Young Leaders in Business Program 2021 Deadline: 15th August, 2021 Summary: Applications are invited for the African-German Young Leaders 
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ACU Climate Research Cohort Mentorship Program 2021 Deadline: 15th March, 2021 Summary: Applications are open for the ACU Climate 
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The NGO International Film Festival 2021 Location: Nairobi, Kenya Duration: 20th – 22nd October, 2021 Deadline: 1st April, 2021 Details: Entries 
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Call for Applications: The 2021 Study of the U.S Institutes for Women Student Leaders Deadline: 4th January, 2021 Eligible 
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Medical Student Virtual Mobility Grants Location: Virtual Deadline: 22nd January, 2021 Summary: With the aim of increasing students’ knowledge of 
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UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchanges Baseline Research Grant Deadline: 15th January, 2021 Details: The UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchanges Baseline Research Grant will fund 
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Thomas Reuters Foundation-Ukraine Newsroom Consultancies Duration: 9 months (April-December) Location: Ukraine Deadline: 13th December, 2020 Details: The Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF), in 
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US Department of State’s TechGirls Program 2021  Duration: 8 months Location: United States Deadline: 15th January, 2021 Details: TechGirls connects and 
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