Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential (EJS) Center Amujae Leaders Program 2022  Deadline: 23rd January, 2022 Summary: Applications are open for the 
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Ashoka Young Changemakers Program – India 2022 December: 15th December, 2021 Summary: Nominations are open for the Ashoka Young Changemakers 
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Online News Association (ONA) Women’s Leadership Accelerator 2022 Deadline: 30th November, 2021 Summary: Applications for the Online News Association (ONA) 
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Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) Writers’ Workshop 2022 Deadline: 1st February, 2022 Summary: Applications for the Johannesburg Institute 
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LiftOff Black Entrepreneurship Program 2022 Deadline: 10th December, 2021 Summary: Do you have a business idea that you can’t 
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Youth STEM Summit 2021

Youth STEM Summit 2021 Deadline: 20th November, 2021 Summary: Apply to Speak at the Youth STEM Summit 2021. The Youth 
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Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Uganda Cohort 3 Deadline: 17th December, 2021 Summary: Applications are open for the Academy 
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U.S. Department of State TechGirls Program 2022  Deadline: 15th January, 2022 Duration: 27 days Summary: Applications for the U.S. Department 
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Kofi Annan Global Health Leadership Program 2021/2022 Deadline: 31st December, 2021 Summary: Applications are open for the Kofi Annan Global 
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Obama Foundation Leaders Asia-Pacific Program 2022 Deadline: 2nd December, 2021 Duration: 6 months Summary: The Obama Foundation is now accepting applications for 
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