Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2024

Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2024

Deadline: 8th March, 2024

Summary: The Bridging Excellence Postdoc Program supports postdoctoral fellows who conduct joint research between the EMBL and the Stanford University School of Medicine (SoM) and/or the School of Humanities & Sciences (H&S). You will propose a high-impact, creative collaboration between at least one lab from EMBL and one lab from Stanford SoM or H&S. By leveraging the opportunities at two leading institutions, you can gain valuable experience in two distinct research environments and develop a global profile. As well as access to researchers and technology at both sites, fellows can take advantage of the first-rate postdoctoral training opportunities from both institutions.

Details: Successful postdoctoral researchers will be awarded three-year fellowships from the EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance. Postdocs can choose either EMBL or Stanford University as their host institution (i.e. the institution you would be appointed as a fellow for three years). During these three years, fellows spend up to one year visiting their collaborators the partner institution. The visits to the partner institute can be distributed throughout the duration of the fellowship (i.e. multiple visits totaling up to 1 year are possible depending on visa conditions).

The fellowship includes funding for:

  • A standard 3 year EMBL/Stanford postdoc stipend (including family and social security benefits).
  • A contribution towards lab consumables (up to EUR/$ 25,000)
  • travel and accommodation supplement for visit(s) to the partner institution (up to EUR/$ 25,000).
  • Funds for attending an international conference (up to EUR/$ 2,000).


Bridging Excellence Fellowships are open to all researchers, regardless of nationality, gender, or scientific background. Applicants should be prepared to be internationally mobile and be excited by the prospect of being an ambassador for transatlantic science.

Applicants must have completed their PhD in the 2 years prior to taking up the fellowship. Students who are currently pursuing their PhD are able to apply, provided they have been awarded their PhD before taking up the fellowship.

A note on eligibility for students & postdocs currently employed at EMBL or Stanford:

Fellows who are currently or have previously been employed at EMBL/Stanford are able to apply, provided an additional 3-year fellowship does not exceed the maximum limit of employment as a postdoctoral fellow (5 years).


To apply for the program:

  1. Read the applicant guidelines in detail.
  2. Download the application form.
  3. Establish contact with potential EMBL and Stanford supervisors.
  4. Develop your project proposal.
  5. Upload your completed application form and supervisor confirmation letter via TalentLink by the 27th of January, 2023 at 11:59 pm CET.
  6. Ensure your referees submit a letter of recommendation by the 10th of February, 2023.

Applications submitted outside of the TalenLink recruitment system will not be reviewed. Proposals that are not submitted using the application form will be considered ineligible. You may only submit one application per call.

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