Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in Europe 2021/2022

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in Europe 2021/2022

To help you choose the best 2021 and 2022 volunteer programs to match your personal interests and the causes you care about – we’ve selected the top programs below based on how past volunteers have scored them.

Volunteer Abroad in Croatia: A gem of the Mediterranean, Croatia is a glistening coastal country that has fast become a favorite for travelers to Europe – especially in the summer and fall. Our Croatia volunteer program is based in the popular city of Split, which is vibrant all year round, and has become iconic as the film set to a whole bunch of Game of Thrones scenes.

Volunteer projects include Marine ConservationYouth SupportTeachingAnimal CareSpecial Needs Support and a unique Creative Technologies opportunity. There’s nothing like watching the sunset over the Mediterranean coast from an idyllic beach-side perch.

Volunteer Abroad in Portugal: Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and one of the most vibrant cultural cities in Europe. You’ll love its charming cobbled streets, quirky cafes, stunning surf beaches, funky bars and delicious Portugese delicacies. The city is bursting with beautiful architecture, rich cultural history, incredible street art and museums. As one of the sunniest places in Europe, Lisbon benefits from balmy temperatures year-round with a lovely Mediterranean climate.

From Environmental Scuba Diving and Inclusive Agriculture to Supporting the Homeless and Youth Support projects – there’s a multitude of impactful volunteer opportunities to help this part of the world get back on its feet.

As requested, IVHQ have opened an exciting new Forest Conservation project in Portugal. This involves helping restore native forests just outside of Lisbon to help tackle climate change and protect precious ecosystems.

Volunteer Abroad in Romania: Is the appeal of Europe drawing you in? Our Romania volunteer program is the stand-out option, with its misty mountains, vast forests and fascinating history. The IVHQ Romania volunteer program consistently gets fantastic volunteer feedback, with the in-country program support often singled out for special praise.

The local team in Romaina welcomes every volunteer into community, giving you a rare insight into authentic Romanian life and culture. There is plenty to keep volunteers busy in their downtime, with the rest of Europe on your doorstep. The program is based in the town of Miercurea Ciuc in the distinctive region of eastern Transylvania. IVHQ has a wide range of top rated volunteer abroad projects available in Romania, including Teaching EnglishSustainable Agriculture and Animal Care.

Volunteer Abroad in Spain: Take a volunteer adventure in Barcelona to discover the ins and outs of this cosmopolitan city. You’ll be placed at the heart of the city while volunteering on meaningful community-driven projects among the world-famous art and architecture.

Volunteer placements include Marine ConservationYouth SupportSpecial Needs Support and more. As an IVHQ volunteer, you’ll be immersed in this historic Spanish city, working alongide locals and other international volunteers and making valuable contributions to projects that value your support.

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